Steps to Fulfill Feng Shui Philosophy in Interior Design

Feng Shui is a philosophy whose origin is china that seeks to help you find balance and harmony between elements. Unlike the western designs that only provide aesthetic and comfort, Feng Shui emphasizes physical and mental health, good relationships, success, and positive energy throughout the house.

Having Feng Shui inspired decoration in your house helps you feel energetic and balanced. Below are steps towards a Feng Shui interior look.

1. Aligning Your Commanding Positions

A commanding position is an essential principle in Feng Shui. What is a commanding position? Essentially, these are places you put your most important furniture. For example, your bed represents you; the working desk represents your career, and the cooker represents your wealth. How you position these elements will help you gain optimal positive energy. Always ensure your bed and work desk aren’t in line with the door, but still, have your eyes on the door. In other words, don’t let your back face the door.

2. Placing Things Vertically

This doesn’t mean you add a ladder in your house; it would look hilarious. But, it means you add several things that run from bottom to up. Vertically placed accessories, the light that travels upwards, and vertically shaped items represent growth. You can add a bookshelf or create a parameter that brings a sense of height.

3. Clean It Up

Cluttering your house can make your feel mentally cluttered, too, or lack clarity. In Feng Shui, cluttering takes up space that new positive energy could be occupying if you let it. So, decluttering and cleaning the rooms give you a fresh start each time and create room for a positive feeling throughout the day. You’ll also feel orderly and be more productive.

4. Take a Look at the Entryway

The entryway is the first thing you see when you come to your home. Looking at it can make you feel invited or bored. You must declutter the entryway by removing things like shoes, socks, and other things that make the area uninviting. Instead, the entrance should have things like art leading to the resting room. You can include a shoe rack and coat hook instead of dropping your items anywhere when you enter your home. Ideally, your shoes, handbag, a coat should have a home too.

5. Add Plants

Plants represent a beautiful life. Having several plants in your house and positioning them in the right places embody life, freshness, energy, and positivity.

6. Remember to Remove Obstacles

Obstacles include disturbing things in your house. It may be the flickering light or the door that you must slam for it to close. Even the clothes you don’t way will eventually create obstacles when you least expect.

Overall, Feng Shui is vast, and you can’t cover it in one day. But, implementing the above steps puts you a step closer to a balanced and positive environment.

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